Update v1.0.2


  • Added new function: tfx_is_playing()
    Allows checking for whether the transition is currently playing (for automated transitions only e.g. tfx_room_goto() or tfx_play())

  • Added new function: tfx_show_debug()
    Toggles a debug panel at the top of the transition surface; displays previews of the "from" and "to" surface, transition player ID, effect being used and current progress.

  • Improved functions: tfx_from_use_surface() and tfx_to_use_surface()
    The tfx_*_use_surface() functions now take an argument to enable alpha blending. Due to the default way GameMaker blends alpha, surfaces are not opaque once a semi transparent image has been drawn onto it, by default this value is false.

Bugs Fixed

  • Help text not displaying in the code editor.
  • Automatic room transitions not handling alpha blending correctly

Important Notice:

With the release of GameMaker Studio 2.3.1 this will be the last TransFX release to officially support 2.2.x versions of GameMaker.


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88 days ago

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