Come discover the wonderful world of loops, with puzzles and challenges that will be sure to keep you on your toes!

Looper is a unique puzzle action game with a variety of mechanics across 18 levels! Developed for LudumDare 47 Jam in 72 hrs, you can vote for Looper here.


Arrow Keys to Move/Navigate
Space or Z to Select/Switch
Esc to return to Previous Screen
F to toggle fullscreen

Note: The movement is relative to the flow of the loop, indicated by the direction the dashes are moving.

While the HTML5 build runs smoothly for most modern computers, it may not for everyone, so please use the Windows build (if applicable) if the performance is poor.


Download 19 MB


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Yes. 18th level/10.


Neat graphics and idea! I got stuck at 7

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Thanks! Tip: There is a secret key (on the keyboard) to skip levels if you get stuck ;)

Thanks! I revisted and made it further

(  Its ¨n¨  (;   )


This should win awards just for the idea that "left" and "right" are defined as "with/against the flow".  That solves so many problems with "travel around this loop" games!

(I mean, also, it's clever and the graphics are fun and it's a good game overall.)

Thanks so much! If I win any awards I'll let you know :D


Pretty cool game, but the levels are a bit annoying. Though, your post on ludum dare was really inspiring. I made it to level 6.

Thanks! Yes I wanted to include more of the morphing mechanic in the game but unfortunately ran out of time~