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Yes. 18th level/10.


Neat graphics and idea! I got stuck at 7

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Thanks! Tip: There is a secret key (on the keyboard) to skip levels if you get stuck ;)

Thanks! I revisted and made it further

(  Its ¨n¨  (;   )


This should win awards just for the idea that "left" and "right" are defined as "with/against the flow".  That solves so many problems with "travel around this loop" games!

(I mean, also, it's clever and the graphics are fun and it's a good game overall.)

Thanks so much! If I win any awards I'll let you know :D


Pretty cool game, but the levels are a bit annoying. Though, your post on ludum dare was really inspiring. I made it to level 6.

Thanks! Yes I wanted to include more of the morphing mechanic in the game but unfortunately ran out of time~